Get thee behind me, John Birch!

43876-jesus-peterI love the new COS video parody of the old Apple vs. Microsoft ads!

But I must say, I like the Mac versus PC ads better. In those ads, the “cool” guy, who personified the Mac, was a nice guy. He actually liked the PC. He was funny, endearing and kind, and never called the PC names. He wasn’t mean.

My experience has been that our friends who are opposed to a convention for fear of it becoming a runaway are strong patriots, love their country, revere the Constitution, are generally “good guys”, and should be on “our side” in this battle. Many have worked tirelessly for years to increase our constitutional literacy. For this, I, for one, am grateful.

After carefully listening to and considering Michael Farris’s arguments, and considering what others had to say, including what the founders had written regarding Article V, I believe that a convention of states is called for and necessary. It is the only political solution I am aware of to our country’s significant, systemic problems.

So yes, I believe our JBS, Constitution Party and assorted Tea Party friends who have not yet come to see the wisdom and prudence in a COS are in the wrong here.

But calling these friends hypocrites and fear-mongers doesn’t get us anywhere.

Yes, for those fellow citizens who do not hold strong constitutional opinions, who aren’t sure who to believe, this name calling might have some effect. Maybe. But in the long run, I’d say it’s counter-productive.

We need to do a better job answering their objections. In fact, we already have, but I think we can do a better job of presenting and packaging.

We don’t speak German today, in part, because Hitler chose to fight a two-front war. A house divided against itself will not stand. It’s going to be an uphill battle fighting our ideological adversaries as we move forward. We don’t need to be fighting our friends as well. The “hypocrites” are our friends. I believe their misinformed, but they are on our side. We want the same thing. We want to restore the federal government to the size and scope envisioned by our founders.

I’d say we’re more at the “A gentle answer turns away wrath” and less at the “Get thee behind me Satan!” stage.

Get thee behind me, John Birch!

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