Not ready to start that big project? Think again.

20130819-075540.jpgJames Clear shares the story told to him by Richard Branson about how Branson started Virgin Airlines:

I was in my late twenties, so I had a business, but nobody knew who I was at the time. I was headed to the Virgin Islands and I had a very pretty girl waiting for me, so I was — umm — determined to get there on time.

At the airport, my final flight to the Virgin Islands was cancelled because of maintenance or something. It was the last flight out that night. I thought this was ridiculous, so I went and chartered a private airplane to take me to the Virgin Islands, which I did not have the money to do.

Then, I picked up a small blackboard, wrote “Virgin Airlines. $29.” on it, and went over to the group of people who had been on the flight that was cancelled.

I sold tickets for the rest of the seats on the charter plane, used their money to pay for the plane, and we all went to the Virgin Islands that night.

Before you put off that big project again, read Clear’s article about “not being ready”. It’s well worth it!

Not ready to start that big project? Think again.

Six reasons why McDonald’s is my favorite remote office

Say what you want about McDonald’s, but it happens to be one of my favorite restaurants. When I’m out and about and I need some office time, I look for a McDonald’s first. Here’s why.

McDonalds is convenient.
McDonald’s is open early and stays open late. There are a gazillion McDonald’s all over the place.

McDonalds is cheap.
Starbucks doesn’t have a Dollar menu. At McDonald’s, I can pay my remote office rent for one dollar. By getting a side salad on the dollar menu and a cup of water, I literally spend one dollar plus tax. If I’m really hungry and it’s near lunch or supper time, for another dollar I can buy a McDouble burger. Early in the morning, for one dollar I can buy a sausage and egg burrito that actually is pretty tasty. And it’s pretty filling. That is pretty tough to beat.
McDonalds is comfortable.
Well McDonald’s Black’s the extra comfortable easy chairs found that Starbucks, the seating is generally pretty comfortable. It’s clean, and the bathrooms are clean.
McDonalds has great WiFi.
This is very important to me. Since I use my iPad Mini as my primary computer and phone, it’s important that I sparingly use my data plan from Verizon. McDonald’s has one of the strongest Wi-Fi signals I’ve ever seen at a public Wi-Fi hotspot. The signal is strong anywhere in the restaurant and it’s easy to sign in. That can’t be said for Starbucks, at least at our local Starbucks.
McDonald’s has a diverse menu.
I’m not a coffee drinker, so I don’t go to Starbucks for the coffee. Although I do like their hot chocolate in the winter. But anytime of the day, it’s easy to find something on the McDonald’s menu that will work for me. Especially on the dollar menu.
Ray Kroc is one of my business heroes.
Ray Kroc built McDonald’s into the international brand that it is. His story is quite inspirational. I recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about business.
All in all, McDonald’s gives me a convenient, cheap and comfortable place to do some work when I’m away from my home office. Maybe it’s not the most nutritious overall menu, but you don’t have to eat the junk food. The salads are actually pretty good!